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Networking has been proven to be the best way to find a job. Tap into the hidden job market. Extend your network through the use of social media. Get connected!


What is the "hidden job market"?  Job postings found  online, in the newspaper, or on Help Wanted signs only account for ~30% of job openings in the labor market.  The other 70% are what we call the "hidden job market."  To find and access these jobs, you'll need to know the right people - and  that is why networking is a key aspect of today's job search.

Your job search should not be a secret!  Let the people in your social and professional networks know that you are job searching and what you can bring to a future employer.

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Join local networking groups and attend networking events to meet face-to-face with other job seekers and employers too.  Not only will you get tips for your job search as well as potential job leads, but you'll increase the social support you receive while you are facing this difficult career transition.


The groups listed below are in Delaware County or central Ohio. Check them out!

40 Plus (Central Ohio)

Networking After Work (Central Ohio)

Meetup (Central Ohio)

Developing an online presence is another great way to build your network. About 75% of employers use social media to find candidates! Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter make incredibly simple to network right from your own home. The more people who know you’re looking for work, the better chances you have of finding opportunities.  For more social media tips, read on:



LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.  Professionals at all levels can use it for networking, keeping in touch with current and former colleagues, and engaging with their industry. With an online job board, an extensive base of recruiter & employer profiles, and networking groups, LinkedIn makes job searching easier. 

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To make the best use of your Twitter profile, create your account as though it were your online business card – explain who you are, what you do, and what you’re looking for.  Follow relevant people in your field and follow companies where you want to work.  You’ll be the first to see their updates so you can stay informed on news and hot topics.  Build relationships with your followers and engage in conversation.  Remember, Twitter is based on short and frequent updates, so participate often.  If you’re an active professional on twitter, include your handle on your resume.

Popular hashtags for your job search include: #NowHiring, #TweetMyJobs, #HireMe

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Facebook and LinkedIn are actually more similar than you think. To turn your Facebook into another resource for your job search, add a detailed work and education history to your profile. “Like” companies that you are interested in working for and follow their updates. Find networking connections just as you would on LinkedIn. You can also join groups relevant to your career field and job search. Don’t forget to share status updates to let your network know you are job seeking!

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